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What is Shamanic Healing?

Life is a difficult thing. 

Through no fault of our own, 

we incur damage through familial patterns, 

trauma, social conditioning, 

and more.

We are meant to be powerful co-creators of our own lives, 

yet we are short-stopped by unconscious patterns we take on 

in order to survive in a confusing world.

We may forget the original trauma, readjusting internally by

telling ourselves stories, conscious or unconscious, 

to justify lack, failure, repeated and undesirable circumstance.

The events and players might change,

but there is a common theme, 

and we are the common denominator. 

In our original design, we are whole beings, 

sovereign, powerful, connected to the divine richness in all of creation.

Through programming and damage, we tell ourselves the opposite . . . 

that we have no power, life "happens" to us, we have no control, things will never change.

We come to believe we are less than what we are.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is our design to be connected to the eternal source of creation, 

to have unlimited potential. 

So how do we regain our rightful place as co-creators?

We are multi-level beings. 

Damage on any one of four levels, 

physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, 

causes our frequency to drop. 

This affects the other levels as well, 

giving us less energy (frequency) 

to fuel the manifestation of our dreams. 

We can regain that energy, or power, 

by choosing to look inside, 

take responsibility for where we are now, 

and become our own hero. 

It is a journey worth taking.

Shamanic healing addresses the disconnect that occurs 

between our true selves, gifts, talents and abilities, 

(all of which remains in our energetic field)

and the disempowered self.

Through tracking the disconnect, 

the shamanic practitioner becomes the bridge 

between you and your divine self, 

the you who is meant to be, 

and can help you reconnect 

to your original design. 

Take charge of your own destiny.


You are the only one who can.


Cody's  pursuit of spiritual truth is lifelong. 

Her background includes ten years of study with author and teacher Kay Snow Davis beginning in 1984. Ten years of spiritual work under the teachings of Grandfather David of the Standing Buffalo Clan culminated in her ordination as a minister of Native American Spirituality in 2009.  

A student of founder and director Gwilda Wiyaka, Cody is a graduate of Path Home Shamanic Arts School's rigorous curriculum, earning certification in 2007 as a shamanic practitioner, and a shamanic instructor in 2009. 

She has been working as a shamanic practitioner since 2007.  


Cody is a musician and composer, and has released an original CD of sacred songs, "North Shield." 

She is also a member of the musical group "StarFaihre" that produced the original CD, "Winds of Time."


Long distance sessions are powerful and effective. 

Schedule a long distance session with Cody at healingpathways33@gmail.com

Or call: 719-458-9552