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What is Shamanic Healing?

We are meant to be powerful co-creators of our own lives. 

Yet we can be short-stopped by unconscious patterns that undermine our best efforts to fulfill our heart’s desire.

Unconscious, negative patterning is the result of some kind of trauma. 

When we experience trauma, our “internal computer,” if you will, determines the perceived cause of the traumatic event and seeks a way to prevent repeating it in future. It creates a program, or pattern of behavior, designed to help us avoid further damage. Unfortunately, despite our conscious efforts at healing, as long as we do not address the energetic/spiritual aspect of our damage, that same program can continue to run unnoticed beneath our consciousness, drawing the very thing we wish to avoid.

Here’s how it works. 

Little Sarah, noisily engaged in joyful, imaginative play, is abruptly and loudly criticized by a neighbor who shouts at her angrily because she is making too much noise. Sarah’s magnificent, imaginary world comes crashing down. Crushed, she not only concludes that play, creativity and joy are unacceptable, but their expression is an invitation for attack. 

This internal decision that creativity = attack becomes the underlying program affecting everything she does. Sarah decides joyfully engaging in creativity puts her at risk. Her internal computer incorporates her conclusions, and continues to broadcast this same program "behind the scenes" of her conscious life. 

The universe complies with both our conscious, and unconscious, desires and patterns. 

Even though the original event might be forgotten as Sarah grows into adulthood, she is continuously thwarted by circumstances which prevent her from expressing her creativity and joy. 

No matter how hard Sarah tries, something keeps occurring to destroy her creativity and enthusiasm. The pattern repeats with different players and scenarios, but the common denominator is Sarah and the repeating pattern is the theme, drawing in the very damage she seeks to avoid at all costs. Although it is common to project blame onto the unwitting participants in one's drama, Sarah is the source of her own demise, creating the same play over and over again.

Our beings consist of four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (or energetic). When we incur damage at any one of these levels, all four are affected, and our frequency/energy drops accordingly. 

In Sarah’s case, the original  damage is emotional. The survival pattern she adopts forces her into a disconnect from her natural creativity for fear of negative repercussions, fear of not being accepted for who she is. In order for all four of her levels to operate in balance, the reduced energy/frequency on the emotional level is accommodated by a corresponding drop in the other three levels.

Over time, as this pattern repeats, all levels can draw similar damage as variations on a theme – physical (it’s not safe to express creativity, especially through my voice and body), emotional (finding joy in my creations draws attack), mental (my ideas aren’t worth anything), spiritual/energetic (expression of my imagination sets me up for criticism and judgment).

If one compounds lifelong damage, our frequency can drop so low that health on all levels becomes difficult to maintain, as we simply do not have the energy available to sustain us, much less create our heart’s desire.

In our original design, we are whole beings, 

sovereign, powerful, connected to the divine richness in all of creation.


It is our design to be "hooked up" to the oneness of all life, 

to have unlimited potential, to be grounded in the earth, and receptive to spiritual (high frequency) energy, constantly recharging and renewing on all levels through working with the brilliance and balance of our true nature. 

So how do we regain our rightful place as co-creators?

Shamanic healing addresses the disconnect that occurs 

between our true selves (our gifts, talents and abilities) 

and the disempowered self.

Through tracking the disconnect, 

the shamanic practitioner becomes the bridge 

between you and your divine self, 

the you who is meant to be, 

and can help you reconnect 

to your original design. 

Take charge of your own destiny.

You are the only one who can.


Cody's  pursuit of spiritual truth is lifelong. 

Her background includes ten years of study with author and teacher Kay Snow Davis beginning in 1984. Ten years of spiritual work under the teachings of Grandfather David of the Standing Buffalo Clan culminated in her ordination as a minister of Native American Spirituality in 2009.  

A student of founder and director Gwilda Wiyaka, Cody is a graduate of Path Home Shamanic Arts School's rigorous curriculum, earning certification in 2007 as a shamanic practitioner, and a shamanic instructor in 2009. 

She has been working as a shamanic practitioner since 2007.  


Cody is a musician and composer, and has released an original CD of sacred songs, "North Shield." 

She is also a member of the musical group "StarFaihre" that produced the original CD, "Winds of Time."


Long distance sessions are powerful and effective. 

Schedule a long distance session with Cody at healingpathways33@gmail.com

Or call: 719-458-9552