What to Expect

Preparing for your Session


Prior to your session, you will need to create an intent and bottom line.


Intent is the reason for the session – the question, or life direction, you would like to address. 

For example, the intent might be to find “What is preventing me from having healthy relationships?” 

In the case of larger issues (especially if they are lifelong), it is good to further simplify an intent by breaking it into energetically manageable segments, such as, “What are my next steps toward healing what is preventing my having healthy relationships?” 


In the healing process, it’s best not to overload one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies by trying to do too much all at once. When one sets an intent, whatever is standing between the self and the healing required in order to manifest that intent, becomes visible in order to clear. This can be a bit overwhelming, especially if we are unaware that setting an intent begins working us once we decide to address an issue. Hence, framing the intent in manageable pieces is a more graceful way to approach personal healing.

The bottom line defines the parameters within which one would like one’s intent to be met. In the above instance, I might create the following bottom line: “Given than I would like a supportive, loving environment within my home and family, good health, safety, grace and ease, happiness and fulfillment of my heart’s desire…” (the intent follows here.) 

The universe has no agenda regarding how our intentions are met, so it is up to us to create some guidelines. Without a bottom line, resolving the above intent might possibly include experiencing a personal illness or accident in order to undergo the reframing needed around relationships. The elements “good health” and “safety” stated in the bottom line clarifies that illness and accident are not to be included in the process. Therefore, in order to narrow the parameters within which the intent is fulfilled, a bottom line is essential.

The intent and bottom line, which is discussed at the beginning of the one hour, long distance session, drives the direction in which the practitioner is energetically led in order to assist the client. The practitioner uses a drumming CD (with earbuds) in order to enter altered space; in essence, moving outside of ordinary reality to “journey” (energetically travel) into the client’s spiritual (energetic) space to discover the initial damage creating the issue.

The practitioner narrates the journey, which is like an interactive dream, describing the images (sounds, feelings, scents, whatever comes up) that arise. It is rare that these are literal. More commonly, they are metaphoric representations coming from the client’s own energetic field, drawing from their “personal library of experience.” 

The client thus holds the key to deciphering the meaning of these symbols. The practitioner can assist by offering suggestions, but it is the client who will “know” when an interpretation feels right. Usually, the symbols have layers of meaning that are revealed over time.

Once the disconnect/damage is identified, the practitioner can then become the bridge between the client and their disconnected energy, reconnecting the client to aspects of their true nature. 

As a result of the healing, there is a rise in the client’s frequency in either the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. In order to maintain balance, the remaining three bodies will experience a frequency rise as well. Memories, emotions, thoughts that one has not had in years may come up as a result of this “stirring of the pot.” 

It is helpful to maintain part of the self as a “dispassionate witness” as one experiences whatever is moving through in order to clear, much like watching flotsam on a river after a flood. Note what is going by, allow the observance of it, journal the experience and personal reactions to it, and let it pass. 

Sometimes the client will feel nothing different at all, only to notice at some point that what used to be a trigger is no longer present, allowing more personal balance in one’s relationship with life. This is why journaling is an important part of the integration process. It enables the client to look back at the original intent and see what changes may have transpired. 

Equally important is going over the details of the narrated journey often in order to engage all parts of the self as, over time, through processing the information, the client assists the self to step fully into the new, more balanced frequency.

Like pieces of a puzzle, through this work, one may heal one aspect of a particular issue, yet have other layers of that same issue come up to be explored at a later time. It is recommended to allow at least two weeks between sessions in order to give oneself the time and space to integrate the healing. 

During the session, it is a good idea for the client to have a pen and journal handy to jot down information as the session proceeds. Find a quiet space where there will be no interruptions (no phones, computers, radio, TV, etc.) in order to focus on the work. 

If requested, the practitioner will record the session and send it to the client. The recording is for the client's use only, as the data is erased once the client notifies the practitioner that the recording has been downloaded.


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